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Buy A Business

Buy a Business the Aberdeen Way

If you’ve been thinking about becoming a business owner, buying an established, thriving business may be the most effective, efficient route. Purchasing an existing business eliminates start-up headaches and allows you to build on an already profitable entity with a built-in client base.

Find the Right Opportunities for You

Aberdeen Advisors can help you make the right buying decision by providing everything you need to fully understand a prospective business. That includes examining the price, terms, income, cash flow, and location to be sure a given business is a good fit with your financial needs. We also can arrange a visit to a business to allow you to assess the ambiance and get a sense if it’s properly cared for and well managed.

Enjoy the Rewards of Business Ownership

Buying, owning, and managing a business is no small task. We will outline the risks and financial requirements of owning a business and identify the skill set required to make a given business thrive.

We also can explore with you your reasons for wanting to buy a business, help you determine whether you have the stamina to run a business profitably and find a business that is a good fit with your personality and skills.


  • Manufacturing companies
  • Healthcare firms
  • Technology companies
  • Services businesses, such as HVAC and Plumbing companies
  • Distribution companies
  • Financial service companies
  • Telecom businesses
Build a Consulting Team with Us

Aberdeen Advisors teams up with you to identify business opportunities, conduct thorough business valuations of businesses you’re interested in, and match you with the right business to buy.

We will collaborate with you and guide you through the entire process of buying a business, as well as identifying and locating other necessary team members, such as accountants and attorneys, to make it possible.

Connecting You with the Best Business Buying Opportunities

We have a high success rate and a proven process to find the right business for you:

  • Develop a list of criteria of appropriate company characteristics, including revenue, EBITDA, size,  location, and product line
  • Identify ideal locations
  • Conduct confidential searches for appropriate opportunities
  • Locate well-established, profitable businesses that will perform
  • Locate businesses that aren’t necessarily for sale yet
  • Analyze a business’s cash flow
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