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Why Aberdeen Advisors?

Our clients tell it best.

$20MM – Business Services

Ray Bradley / CEO, Raymow Industries

“I sold my business at a record setting price, due to
multiple offers from Aberdeen’s buyer network.”


“When I was just 12, I founded a service business that grew to 473 employees and almost $20MM annual revenue. After the big downturn in the economy in 2007, I was working with Aberdeen to acquire a competitor to help weather the rough times.

We looked into a couple of acquisitions, but then Aberdeen brought me multiple offers to sell my business. We decided on the one with an amazing price … a 9.0x multiple. At the time, the industry average was only 3.0x! And the buyer was exactly the right entity to take care of my team and my customers.

Emery was with me and my team every step of the way. No question was ever too simple or complex for him. He was there as a trusted advisor and an expert on the process. You can trust he will not be satisfied until he gets you maximum value for your business!

I was paid well for all my years of hard work — and now I have the freedom to look for my next opportunity. Thanks to the whole Aberdeen Team!

– Raymond Bradley, CEO, Raymow Enterprises, Inc. 

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