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Aberdeen’s “Six Steps to Sold” Process

Our Process Drives Superior Results, When It Matters Most

Our Process Drives Superior Results,
When It Matters Most

Better-than-average results don’t come easily. Over the course of closing hundreds of successful business transactions, we’ve architected a unique six-step process designed to help business owners find the right buyer and ultimately get the highest sales price for their business. And as former business owners ourselves, it’s a process we’ve designed with your unique needs in mind. We know better than anyone that you’re not just selling your business. You’re looking to free yourself. You’re ready to make your exit strategy a reality. You’re passing on a legacy you’ve worked hard to build. You’re making a smart financial decision to help ensure your future and your family’s future. It’s why your dedicated mergers and acquisitions team will be there to guide you every step of the way, helping you position your business properly, pinpoint and motivate ideal buyers and close the best possible deal on your behalf.

strategize Strategize

Putting your best foot forward in the marketplace begins with conducting a business valuation and evaluating a variety of key issues such as financial performance, seller expectations, positioning, customer concentration, management team, transition and devising a final exit strategy.

position Position

Your dedicated Aberdeen Advisory team will develop confidential marketing materials designed to intrigue and motivate ideal buyers, without revealing business specifics. As former business owners, we understand the sensitive nature of this process for both you, your employees, your customers and suppliers.

market Market

Our philosophy is simple. The right competition for your business yields superior results. One buyer is good. One buyer that is ideal for your business is even better. But multiple ideal buyers? That’s the goal your dedicated advisor will stop at nothing to achieve — and it’s part of the reason Aberdeen’s 83% close rate is far above the industry average of 25%. Through a careful screening process, we strategically pinpoint ideal buyers, discreetly distributing your marketing materials and monitoring buyer interest through confidential discussions.

negotiate Negotiate

Your team will guide you through the process of handling multiple offers and moving multiple ideal buyers toward stronger offers.

deliver Deliver

Due diligence is perhaps the most underestimated step of the entire process. Many business owners may not realize that during this critical process, approximately half of all deals fall apart. It’s where Aberdeen Advisors once again separates itself from the industry, navigating this delicate process with the necessary skill and organization to deliver a signed, sealed contract.

close Close

Take a deep breath — you’re now officially free to pursue whatever goal brought you to us in the first place.

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