A Seller’s Checklist: What to Have Prepared if You Are Planning to Sell

Selling your company can be an overwhelming process. You know the end goal is to close a transaction, but you may be unsure of the proper approach. Thankfully, this is a well-worn path. M&A advisors offer guidance and advocate for you as you travel this road. Completing the following list before engaging an advisor will give you greater peace of mind and preparedness for the process.

  1. First, it is important to do some introspection. Understand your motivation for selling. Do you want to continue to have a role in the business post-transaction? Understand your family’s thoughts and expectations for you and for the business. Comprehending these things will provide greater clarity as to what your exit path will look like.
  2. Next, organize your financials. The financials will be crucial in determining your valuation. Avoid confusing buyers by providing clean and audited financials. This step will also provide your business with greater credibility.
  3. Third, ensure your business has a solid management team in place. Buyers want a seamless transition post-closing. Avoid having your exit from the business cause disruption by having a competent management team that can run the operation when you no longer have daily involvement.
  4. Finally, research and find the best M&A advisor for you. You will be working closely with this advisor. It is important to make sure your advisor understands you on a personal level and is willing to dive in and understand the complexities of your company. When M&A advisors understand you and your business, they are more apt to identify the best-suited buyer for you, your business, and your legacy.

Once you have fully evaluated your motivation to sell, properly prepared your company financially and operationally, and selected the right M&A advisory team, it is time to take your company to market. The Aberdeen Team’s depth of experience and expertise across all industries provides our clients with the confidence necessary to navigate the intricacies of a sales transaction. Our team is committed to ensuring our clients’ personal and professional goals are met as they exit their businesses.