Complete Guide to Selling Your Business


Turn Your Blood, Sweat, & Tears Into Cash

From pre-sale preparations to skillfully avoiding common pitfalls, this book takes you step-by-step through navigating the sales process. Based on a proven process tested through hundreds of successful acquisitions, Emery discusses his six-step plan and guides you through selling your business for higher sales prices, unmatched close rates, and faster closing times.

By reading this comprehensive guide, you can expect to get the knowledge and tools needed to sell your business for maximum value. Overcome the three major problems facing sellers while learning from real-life examples.

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Testimonial Stars

An outstanding resource to help guide business owners on how to maximize the value they receive for their company while outlining the many challenges that most entrepreneurs face during their first business sale transaction. We experienced the Author’s process first-hand while selling our business, and it delivered phenomenal results.

– Keith Nordor, Owner of Timberland Door

Use this book as a guide if you’re:

  • An owner of a profitable business who is considering the sale of your business
  • A leader and decision-maker in a company who is invested in the future of your business
  • A person in business seeking advice on what exactly it takes to sell your business for maximum opportunity

Inside the Book

Presented in an easy-to-understand manner and illustrated with real-life examples, this book is a valuable resource for profitable business owners who wish to sell their business for maximum profits. It focuses on the three main challenges sellers face – finding qualified buyers, making negotiations, and managing time.

By the end of this book, you’ll have a clear and better understanding of how to successfully navigate the sales process and ensure you receive maximum value for your business – while shortening the time to close. Learn how you can turn your migraines into millions with this comprehensive guide to selling your business.

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