Oliver Andrés Silva Torres Headshot

Oliver Andrés Silva Torres

Oliver is a distinguished economist and financial analyst with a keen emphasis on finance. He is an honors graduate with an extensive knowledge base in financial modeling of feasibility projects that span a wide range of total project valuations – up to an impressive $700+ million.

With a proven track record of experience in Investment Banking and Consulting for multinational companies, Oliver has developed a sharp eye for detail while working in a multicultural environment. His proactive, self-assured, and strong-willed approach to work allows him to deliver high-value solutions to his clients.

Oliver is a Venezuelan citizen currently residing in Colombia, where he continues to excel in his field of work. His fluency in both Spanish and English, and his ongoing learning of French, allows him to communicate effectively across cultures and continents.

When he’s not analyzing financial data, Oliver is an avid climber, a passionate cook, and enjoys making videos for his family and friends. With a continuous learning mindset, he explores diverse aspects of sciences, expanding his knowledge base to provide the best solutions to his clients.