Sell-Side Advisors

When you’ve spent years and years building a successful business, deciding to sell can be a difficult decision.

You don’t want to feel like you’re settling for less than you deserve. At Aberdeen Advisors, we want to make sure you fully understand your options. More than that, we want you to get the highest price with the least amount of complications.


How to sell a business in Florida

If you started a successful business, then you already know how to close. But finding a buyer for your business, and going through the process with success, is a particularly complex endeavor. You might need help selling a business.


3 Mistakes Business Owners Make When Deciding to Sell

If you’re an established business owner in your 50s or 60s, it’s possible the concept of retirement is a recurrent thought. And that’s okay! You’ve worked hard your entire life, and the time has come to take it easy, relax and enjoy.


5 Steps Your Advisor Will Assist You With As You Sell Your Company

According to a’s insight report, in 2016, about 7,842 small businesses were sold. Selling a company is a major decision for any business owner. If you’re thinking about moving on from your lifelong business venture, then it’s essential to take every aspect of the process seriously.


Selling An Established Business? Get the Right Help

Now that your company is fully established and you’ve enjoyed years of professional and financial success as a business owner, there might be some uncertainties about the immediate future. You have to ask yourself what, you should do, particularly in the face of the decision to sell your business.


How To Choose the Right Business Broker To Sell Your Business

When the time comes to sell your life’s work, you can’t trust your business, your name, and your financial future to just anyone. While many business brokers focus on small, family-owned businesses, few business brokers in Florida are qualified to handle larger transactions.


Selling Your Company: A Guide To Find the Right Buyers

Selling a business is a difficult process that you need to take seriously. Your future and your family’s future might depend on this sale, so you need to focus all of your time and energy on generating multiple offers so you can find the best deal possible. But how do you actually find the right buyers for your business?


Three Important Steps to Consider Before Selling a Business

Our CEO, Emery Ellinger, was featured in Discover Your Talents Podcast with Don Hutchinson talking about his greatest passion: helping business owners sell their business. In the interview, he shared inspiring strategies and captivating ideas on how business owners should approach the sale of their business.


Selling a Business? 10 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself

Selling a company is a major decision that requires a lot of thought. Even if you think you have considered all of the implications, you might still be ignoring a few important questions.

If you’re selling a business in Florida or any other part of the country, make sure that you ask yourself these 10 important questions before you make any final decisions.