Manufacturing Companies Wanted

Manufacturing companies are in great demand today. Private equity buyers, owner/operators, and strategic buyers are looking for manufacturing companies all over the US right now.

2014 – The Year of the Strategic Buyers

2014 will end as a great year to sell a business. The strategic buyers came back in the market in a large way. Many of the top deals in the US this year, were done by strategic buyers. What is a strategic buyer, and why this year?

What is a Family Office?

Family Offices come in all shapes and sizes, but are usually set up for families with a combined net worth of over $250mm. Generally the patriarch or matriarch as generated significant wealth through building a business or a portfolio of real estate, and are looking for higher returns on their investments.

2014 Private Equity Deals

Coming off a year when rising valuations limited fund managers’ ability to source and close deals, private equity leaders are anticipating another year of moderate deal flow volume. The recent PErspective Private Equity Study conducted by BDO USA found that only 15 percent of GP respondents predict they will close more than five deals in 2014, which is a drop from the 22 percent of fund managers who predicted in 2013 that they would close more than five deals.

Sellers, Sellers, Sellers Where Are You

This will be the theme for 2014. Buyers are looking for solid companies to buy in most industries. Healthcare, staffing, PEOs, medical practices, manufacturing, distribution, technology, internet and business services are all great industries right now.