Compound Pharmacies a Hot Business

Compound pharmacies have been in the news with plenty of negative headlines since the meningitis issue created at the NECC pharmacy. This has created a series of changes in the industry on a state by state basis, and federally.

This has created a negative overhang in the industry that seems like it is about to tilt positive in 2015.

First of all, the trends are very positive. Demographics make compound pharmacy poised to be a growth industry for a long time. Additionally, personalized medicine which has been around for thousands of years, seems to be gaining steam in the US market.

Additionally, major industry movers such as Diplomat have gone public, and their strong has doubled this year alone!

Major healthcare industry deals such as the Catermaran deal for a specialty pharmacy for $260mm have also have positive effects on big investors.

So the high growth, and the success of highly-effective personalized medicine, combined with some more positive news from investors points to a very positive year for compound pharmacies.